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Car restorations

First thing we would like to say is that car restorations are very different from car repairs. Restorations can take a long time and if you’ve ever restored a car before, you know that not everyone is capable of doing everything. You need to transport the car more often, for example from the body shop to paint, then to restore the interior, etc. We always have a professional mechanic for the job.

If you want to restore the car by yourself and think it’s going to be your hobby, we highly recommend you think about your time availabilities and the tools you’ll need. You can also do some of the work, and leave the rest to the professionals. There are certain rules that come into place, first you should focus on body work and chassis, then brakes, engine and transmission, and last but not least the interior.

Lastly, we would like to say that not every restoration is worth it. However, it’s always worth it when it comes to a unique car. Are you not sure of what you have? Let us know,and we’ll work out the details with you.